SAMSA Boating Safety

SAMSA Boating Safety in KNysna has become paramount to ensure safety for all boaters and water users on the Knysna Lagoon.

Here are the updated requirements for you to keep your boats legal and in date with the legislation as it pertains to Certificates of Fitness (Surveys) for your Small Vessels effective the 24 August 2020

Government Gazette 47823, January 6th 2023

Survey of Ship for local general safety certificate or certificate of fitness Section 15, Point 1.

1) Rowing Boats <9m in length – R340.00

2) Mechanically propelled ships & sailing ships <6m in length – R 530.00

3) Vessels > 6m but<9m in length – R 829.00

4) Vessels >9m in length but<25 tones(or<14m LOA) – R 1673.00

Please note these rates do not include travel and any other expenses the surveyor may have to incur to complete the survey. Excludes all costs relating to flotation or buoyancy certification.

Vessel Checklists for survey. To be printed and completed prior to survey by the vessel owner or responsible person. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

SAMSA CONTACT NUMBER – Mossel Bay Office 044 6904201