History of LIBC Introduction

The Leisure Isle Harbour premises as they are today in the 2020’s

In the year 2022 the Leisure Isle Boat Club celebrated forty years of its existence as a separate entity from the Leisure Isle Country Club and to mark the occasion a special edition of the LIBC Newsletter described the first ten years of the Club’s development from the time of its initial conception until the commencement of construction in 1992.

That was followed up in 2023 with a further article describing the actual harbour construction during 1992 and 1993 and the subsequent period until 2004 when the harbour was further extended. In order to preserve and remember the story the two articles have been combined to provide a record of the whole story of the Leisure Isle Boat Club and Harbour right up to the present time (2024) on the Leisure Isle Boat Club website.

There is a wealth of information in the old files and Minutes at the Clubhouse and most of the information which follows was obtained after many enjoyable hours digging through old documents as well as by talking to some of the older members whose involvement with the Boat Club goes all the way back to those very early days. It was a lot of fun putting the story together and I sincerely hope that you, our LIBC Members and other readers, will enjoy the story as much as I have in putting it together.

Let us never forget that if it had not been for the forsight and incredible fortitude of those founding fathers, the Leisure Isle Boat Club and Harbour would almost certainly not exist today. We owe an awful lot to them.

To be continued – PART 1