August 2020 News

It is clear that everyone is suffering from covid overload and we are all getting tired of hearing the same depressing news every day, but it is important that we all remain aware of the very real dangers that we face.Forget about the ridiculous regulations and the incomprehensible manner in which they are being applied, and rather focus on looking after yourselves and those around you. 

Do everything you can to follow basic common sense and take the obvious precautions that may save your life and those of your loved ones. Social distancing and the wearing of masks are fundamental safety rules and ignoring them is just plain silly.We can all learn to adapt to the new way of living and there are definitely signs that in some parts of the country we may just be getting past the worst.

If we all do our bit then sooner than may be expected everyone will once again be able to enjoy doing all those things we miss so much. Let us all look forward to another happy summer holiday here in Knysna and on the Lagoon – we all need it!
The real purpose of this brief newsletter is to inform you about some important administrative changes at LIBC that will affect all Members.

We are upgrading the telephone and internet connections and Andrew Aveley, who is one of the Committee members, has completely overhauled the website and the manner in which we communicate with the Club members. It is essential that all LIBC Members take note of our new contact details, and more importantly, we are using the opportunity to update the Cub’s Member Database at the same time.

The new LIBC Contact details are as follows:
Physical address:Erf No 2060 , 0 Links Drive, Leisure Isle, Knysna, 6571

Phone: 079 378 8252
Note that the phone is manned during LIBC office hours only,06h00-18h00 every day of the year, except Xmas day



LIBC no longer has a fax facility.The existing landline connection will shortly be discontinued and we will rely on a mobile phone for greater flexibility and the internet connection will be upgraded to fiber. All this should not result in any increased costs.

We have had serious problems during the past six months, with many members’ details out of date and incorrect. Please complete the new Members’ details online by clicking on the link below and then simply complete the form and press submit.


If you have any problems, contact Clive at the Club and he will assist. The information requested is all important if LIBC is to provide its members with the service they are entitled to. If preferred, you may manually complete a form at the Club.
There have been a number of confirmed reports of criminal activity at the Knysna Yacht Club during the past several weeks. The incidents have included the theft of outboard motors, break-ins and theft from large yachts and boats moored in the Knysna Waterfront harbour and theft and vandalism at the Knysna Yacht Club building.

At LIBC we are very aware of the situation and we are exceedingly grateful that we can report that we are not aware of any incidents like this at LIBC. The staff are all keeping a good look-out, and of course our Allsound Guard is on duty every night, all night. The reality is, however, that it is very difficult to prevent a determined criminal from getting into the premises and making mischief and we therefore ask all Members to be particularly vigilant and not to leave valuables in the harbour or on your boat.

If you find anything missing, please report it immediately to Harbour Management, because in that way we may be able to pick something up on our cameras.It would appear that smaller outboard engines (less than 30 hp) have been the prime target, so we suggest you avoid leaving boats with smaller engines in the harbour for now. We will update everyone if we receive any further information.
LIBC is continuing to make a monthly donation of R10 000.00 to Rotary but this will only continue until we use up the amount allocated by the Committee and then it will have to come to an end.Unemployment, poverty and hunger is going to be a massive problem in Knysna, like everywhere else, and it is going to get far worse in the coming months as the current aid packages run out. In many ways, we have been going through a honeymoon period up to now and one can only wonder what the future is going to bring.LIBC is also continuing to send financial assistance to Michael Biriat who is stranded in Malawi. He stays in touch with Margie via text messages and has repeatedly expressed huge gratitude to everyone at LIBC for the money we send him.If anyone wants to make any form of private donation, or if you have any suggestions about anything the Club can do to assist those in need, please contact us and we will gladly listen and do what we can.
The end of another stormy day in Knysna!We are having a real winter here with plenty of wind and quite a bit of rain, but in between Knysna has experienced some fantastic sunny, warm and calm days. One can even sense the days getting a bit longer, but for now the nights are really cold and best spent indoors next to the fire!

Warmest regards

Craig CLarke – Chairman LIBC

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